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Workers Compensation


Navigating an on-the-job injury is confusing. We’re here to help.

You’ve been hurt and you don’t know when you’ll go back to work again. You think you’re going to get better “soon” but your not. Your supervisor keeps calling to find out when you’re going to get back to work. Your worried that if you get fired, the benefits will stop. Your worried that you will lose your health insurance. Your claims manager is making you jump through hoops you don’t understand.

We can’t tell you not to worry. But we can tell you we’re here to help. We’ve been down this path before with lots of other clients. We know how this works from start to finish. You’re not alone; we’re here to walk with you to the very end. Workers compensation is all we do; it’s all we’ve done.




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What has you worried?

medical treatment

Your doctor is asking for treatment, but your employer or the Department keeps saying no. As workers compensation attorneys, we help translate “doctor”-speak into “Department”-speak.


You know you can’t go back to your job. Your doctor is telling you that you can’t go back to your job. But this vocational counselor is talking to you about retraining you to work in an office. You’re not sure what your options are. You’re not sure what your rights are. We know.

Time Loss benefits

Are your checks not showing up every two weeks? Are they too small? Have you been offered a light duty job and do not know what to do? We handle these problems every day.

Claim Closure

The Department is telling you that your claim is done. You’re not back at work. You’re still in pain. You thought this was suppose to fix you, get you back to where you started. It didn’t. You’re not alone.

Claim allowance

You got hurt on the job. You know, your doctor knows it. But the Department or your employer is telling you no. Whether it was a specific injury or a gradual onset, we help you talk to the Department so they know what you’re talking about.

Independent medical examinations

You’ve received a notice in the mail that you have to show up and get examined by the company doctors. You’re being told that if you don’t show up, your benefits will stop, you’ll owe them money. You don’t know what to do. We do.